September 16, 2014

Is 32 too old for a Birthday post?

I recently had a Birthday. At first I was going to just post some of the pictures from it in a Random post. But then I decided that I deserve my own Birthday post too. Especially since this year's Birthday was AWESOME! Kendrick and I decided that we wanted to take a little getaway to celebrate our Anniversary (which was in June) and to celebrate his hole in one. Oh, about the hole in one, yeah we aren't going on the golf trip anymore. We took the prize money instead. And bought a car. It has been the BIGGEST blessing.

It just so happened that the most convenient weekend to get away, just the two of us, was my Birthday weekend. So we arranged for my parents and our good neighbors to take our kids and then we spent one night in downtown Salt Lake and one night in Park City. We shopped, we ate awesome food, we enjoyed our Utah season tickets, we had a couples massage, we swam, we worked out...the whole weekend was wonderful. Then we came home and wrapped up my amazing Birthday weekend with some Banana Cream pie with the kids. We can't have a Birthday in this house without a candle and singing!

Thank you Kendrick for trying so hard to make my Birthday special. You did an excellent job. I feel blessed to be your wife!
Thank you Mom and Dad for taking the kids on Friday night. They love you guys and I always rest easy when I know they are with you.
Thank you Carissa for watching our kids on Friday afternoon. It made things so much easier!
Thank you Dean and Tiffany for letting our kids sleep over and for letting them tag along with you to Stake Conference. They had a blast!

The pictures...
in no particular order, because I am tired.

My birthday pie and my two oldest.
I was so tired. A weekend away from the kids is actually not as restful as one might think.

The prettiest parmesan knots I've ever seen.
Kendrick's heart attack on a plate. The only thing that saved him from keeling over is that after he ate this, he didn't eat for like 10 hours.
Trying to get a picture of the cool moon but instead got a decent picture of his wife. 
We may have spent more time than I ever thought I would spend in sunglass stores. Who knew finding the right pair of sunglasses for him would be so hard?
He looks like our nephew, Paxton, in this photo.
Such a FUN day at the stadium.
Eggplant parm and some sort of steak number. I wish I could eat eggplant parm every day for the rest of my life and still lose weight. 
Comic Con was in town that weekend. Darth was trying to catch a ride on TRAX.
I love this U and the Utah campus. I so wish I could have gone there. Stay in school kids.

Selfie in the shade before we sweated our hineys off at the game.
My yummy pre game breakfast. Who knew a place like Big Ed's could deliver such legit breakfast food?