September 26, 2014

I finally did it!!!

Remember a year ago when I got my piano? My free piano that I had literally been praying for for a year and half? The first thing my bratty little brain thought after that piano was delivered was, "Man... I can't wait to paint it and make it look better!" It was a fine piano. It really was. There were a few scratches and dents on it and it was my least favorite wood stain but as far as free pianos go, I really lucked out. So for months I would go back and forth, "should I paint it?"
 "If so, which color?"
 "Who will help me?" 
"What if I screw it up and end up hating it?" 
I can't tell you how many times I went to look at paint colors, or went online and added chalk paint to my virtual shopping cart and then got cold feet and logged off the computer. I made excuse after excuse and finally just realized that it is just a piano. And it was free. If ever you are going to paint a piano-paint one that was free! Plus when else am I going to have the funds, the free time, a friend that is willing to help and a kitchen floor that I don't care that much about getting paint on? As far as painting piano stars go-mine were all aligned. So I just bit the bullet and did it.

Carissa helped me pick out the paint and then last Friday we took the plunge. Honestly, it was way easier than I thought it would be. I didn't take it apart. I just taped the keys and we took off the easel. It only took an afternoon to paint the whole thing. I would say I did two coats of paint and then one layer of clear wax. The dark wax was stressful and it took a few days to grow on me but now I love it. I am excited for when we move into a house with different colored walls. I think the piano will pop more against a darker wall. Until then, this will have to do.

The process...

The materials...

I chose Old Ochre
This small can of paint is the biggest size you can buy. It's like $40 and you will stress that you won't have enough to get the job done. But not only did I get two coats on both the bench and the piano out of this can, but I also have some left over! A little goes a LONG way.

Where you can get them...

The amazing guy who just smiles and says, "okay" when I tell him I want to paint my piano, or the old wicker chair I pulled off the side of the road, or my kitchen table, or the free entertainment center I talked him into helping me load. I believe that behind every paint addict is a patient spouse...