December 14, 2012

The Dexican

Dex is often featured in our random monthly picture posts and sometimes mentioned in other posts and it dawned on me that some of ya'll might not know who he is. So this is our little friend/honorary brother/surrogate baby, Dexter Joseph. Or as Kendrick likes to call him, "Our Little Dexican."

Dex was born in April to our friends, Tristian and Harold and I started watching him in June. I watch him 4 days a week and in the amount of time we've had him with us he has managed to squirm his way into our hearts and routine and is now considered part of the family. Our kids love him. They get excited every day that he comes over and they whine and complain on the days he doesn't. Jack smothers him to death nearly every day. Myles is convinced that he, and only he, can understand Dex's every squeak and squeal. Easton treats him like his baby brother. And Tay doesn't get to see him too much because she is at school all day, so when she does see him she loves to mother him and carry him around on her little hip.

Dex has been the easiest baby I have ever watched. He is so chill. We go through phases where he doesn't want to sleep or he gets crabby. And he has worried me plenty of times by not eating. But overall he is so easy. Even now that he's mobile and into everything, he's still pretty chill. He is starting to voice his opinion a lot more than he used to and he has a little bit of an angry streak when you do something he doesn't like (like buckle him in his car seat or try to keep a hat on him) but he is still our little sweetheart and we sure love having him with us!