December 13, 2012

My life lately

 Kendrick lost his job the day before his Birthday. Bummer eh? If I'm being honest, I saw it coming. Too much of that job was too good to be true, and in the short amount of time that Kendrick was there, a lot of people were let go. After Hurricane Sandy (which affected a lot of the company's potential clients) things slowed down to the point that nothing was even in the works to close. It was a miserable situation for Kendrick and the one other sales guy that Kendrick worked with. Anyway, I was sad for him because he's never lost a job before, and at the time I think he felt sort of blindsided by it. So I cried for him. And then I prayed. And then I was fine. We will be okay. We were blessed in that Kendrick was given a severance package (which is sort of rare for a sales job, but especially when you have only worked that sales job for 11 months) and he still has his mortgage license so he's been able to work on some loans. The Lord will take care of us. I truly believe that.

Having Kendrick home for the past 2 weeks has been...nice. Well, that depends on your definition of nice I guess. Every day feels like a weekend for him so he stays up late and then sleeps in on the mornings he doesn't have 6:30 basketball and doesn't have mortgage stuff to do. Which means that I sleep in a little bit too. He does help me out with the laundry and running errands and walking the kids to school. But he also has this, "I'm hungry, wanna bake some cookies?" or "lets get a treat at the store" mentality. He is all about cuddling up and reading a book or watching a movie. He likes high calorie lunches. We have been taking a lot of walks. We've had several "just because" outings to the store and we've taken more naps than we normally take during a vacation. Needless to say, my house is suffering for all of this. It is constantly cluttered because we are constantly in lounge mode. And I bet my waistline is paying a small price for Kendrick being home too. I don't know for sure though because I've been avoiding the scale. I have no desire to get on the treadmill anymore since we are taking so many outdoor walks, which is dumb because now is the perfect time for me to be working out hard-Kendrick is here to watch the kids after all.

There have been times when having Kendrick home has been nothing short of a life saver though-like when Easton got upset with Dex and decided to lock him in the bathroom, so then Kendrick had to take the door handle off in order to get Dex out. Or the time that Tay forgot her lunch and had to walk back to school to get it, so he escorted her. He's also been able to work some home remodeling jobs with his friend, Quinn which has been nice for him. And he was able to finish Tay's zoo way sooner than I expected.

But I don't know how you ladies who have husbands that work at home do it!!! How do you summon up the motivation to shower even? How do you tell your husband "no" when he wants to take a break and spend time with you? I'm dying over here!!!

But then I take a deep breath and remember that soon he will have a new job and will be back to working at an office. And we may not have a Christmas with him home this much again for a LONG time. So I am enjoying the help and the relaxation and the company...
but I'm also looking forward to getting back on my routine and eating healthy and having some alone time too. I sort of can't believe that this is my life right now. And I can't believe that I'm not more stressed out. I love it!