October 12, 2015

The twins Birthday

Jack and Myles turned 9 on September 30th. It was the strangest kid birthday we've had yet. It just didn't feel like a Birthday at all until that evening. Kendrick and I had to work and all the kids had school so we didn't do our normal Birthday morning routine and the boys couldn't open their presents until that evening. Jack and Myles are in different classes this year so I dropped off their cookies to them after lunch and was kind of sad to see that neither of them had decorated desks or Birthday hats. In fact, Jack's substitute didn't even know it was his Birthday (his real teacher has been out with a concussion for the past 6 weeks) and Myles' teacher forgot. I guess in 3rd grade Birthdays stop being a big deal at school.

Jack and Myles worked together to create a Birthday dinner menu and came up with grilled rib-eye steak, twice baked potatoes, caesar salad and brownie sundaes, so after work I had to rush home and get busy cooking all that and wrapping presents. I was super stressed all afternoon about getting everything done on time. I don't know how moms who work 40 hours a week do it!!

Before dinner, the boys unwrapped their gifts. Jack got some Heeley's, Adidas soccer cleats, "a bigger and better soccer goal" and a LEGO set. Myles also got some Heeley's, a waterproof watch, a LEGO set and a leather baseball mitt. It was the easiest Birthday shopping I've done for them in a long time because I knew exactly what they wanted and they ended up being thrilled with everything they got! They are probably two of the most grateful kids I've ever met.

It was their year for a friend party and this time we decided to make things as easy as possible. So I booked them a party at our favorite bowling alley in Draper and instead of having to find a pinata and plan food and come up with games and goodie bags, Kendrick and I just bowled and chilled and enjoyed pizza and cheese fries with the kids while everything else was taken care of by the amazing All Star Lanes staff! It was our favorite Birthday party we have done yet!

I know they had a very Happy Birthday because they have thanked me for it numerous times since! I can't imagine life without these two brilliant, happy, goofy, caring and grateful boys. We love you Jack and Myles!