September 4, 2013

Labor Day weekend 2013

I love Labor Day weekend! Probably even more so than Memorial Day weekend. Even though it marks the end of summer and most people view it as a bittersweet holiday,  I have always associated Labor Day weekend with my Birthday and my parent's anniversary so I've always felt like it's a weekend that really needs to be celebrated. This Labor Day weekend was a little bit rough for me. I don't know if it's my diet (I've been eating a lot of stuff I shouldn't be lately), or that my kids are back in school and I'm struggling with that, or if I'm having anxiety about having another Birthday and getting older (31-yikes!) or maybe I was subconsciously just bummed out that we didn't do what I really wanted to do (go to Oregon), but I had a pretty emotional couple of days. You'll see in the pictures: my eyes are puffy and my face is blotchy from a lot of crying. Nothing happened. I was just emotional. Just being honest and keeping it real.

Anyway, we started out the weekend with a free at home date night courtesy Kendrick's work and a Chili's gift card he won at one of his sales meetings. I could eat Chili's sweet potato fries dipped in Chili's salsa everyday of my life if you'd let me. I LOVE them and crave them all the time. We also got hooked on a new T.V. show this weekend: we started watching Revenge on Netflix and we love it. We've been marathoning it and are totally hooked on the story line. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a new non reality smut show to watch. It's like Desperate Housewives meets... a cheesy police drama.

On Saturday we took the kids to see Man of Steel. I hated it. It was way too long and had way too many special effects. I am not a true Superman fan and I am not very familiar with Superman's storyline so I struggled with some of the history in the movie. But I think our big kids really liked it. After the movie we wasted time at the toy store and that is where the beginning of my breakdown ensued. I really don't know what my problem was.

On Monday we went up to the mountains and hiked to Lake Mary. I loved that hike. It was a little harder than the Donut Falls hike and even though the trail, the lake, and the resort all lacked an open/functioning bathroom, it was a really awesome trail with some pretty spectacular views. And the weather couldn't have been better: we lucked out to have overcast skies with no rain. The kids did amazing. And I had to laugh because Taylor made sure to slather her lips with bright berry lip gloss before the hike and then she ended up wearing her sweatshirt tied around her shoulders for the majority of the hike. She looked like a mini JCrew ad. That girl is turning more and more into a diva. She will grow up to be one very fashion forward prissy looking wildlife biologist!

Easton did so well. I worried that it would be too steep at times for his little legs, but he was a trooper. At one point he lost his traction and slid down a rock. Before we could ask him if he was okay he exclaimed, "That was just like Ice Man!!"  Then on another part of the trail he tripped and almost pulled Kendrick down on top of him, but when he stood back up he asked, "What are onion rings?"  He is the most random and entertaining kid!

I've really been digging hiking because Jack and Myles are my little hiking buds-we all keep the same pace and we have a lot of fun joking with each other. They don't pull down on my hand like Easton does and they don't walk snail slow like Tay. I really enjoy climbing rocks and hopping over logs with those two boys.



p.s. More of Jenn's Bear Lake Pictures have been added to the Bear Lake post...go check them out. Jenn is an AMAZING photographer.