August 30, 2013

August randoms

Next year I don't know if I am going to do these monthly random posts. They are kind of boring to write. But then I stop and think about how worth it they will be when they are added to the blog maybe I won't stop doing them.

August was AMAZING! Not kidding. The ONLY thing that could have made it better would have been a trip to Oregon, but unfortunately we just can't afford that right now. Hopefully next year we will make it more of a priority.

It was a long, fun filled, busy month. We did so much, I can't believe it. I wish every month could be as fun filled as August was. We went to Bear Lake, we had Easton's Birthday, Kendrick and I had a concert date night and a Temple day date, the kids started school, we had a lot of dart nights, I started watching Dex and Oly again, we went swimming with Carissa, the kids had a zoo outing with Grandma and Grandpa Winter, we finally cleaned out our garage (this is a HUGE deal for me), we went to Bluffdale days and had a yummy dinner with our old neighbors, we also hiked Donut falls and Kendrick got a new calling!

Here are all the pictures from the month of August

The day the twins started school I thought Easton would be so sad and lonely-does he look sad and lonely to you?
It's hard to see, but THIS is why I love renting right now. If anything breaks or stops working properly,  it's not our problem. We have our own handyman who takes care of everything for us.
Baby Oly. I am already head over heels in love with him.
But this Bush baby takes up a HUGE place in my heart.
Sweet sleeping baby. I forgot how hard it is to get motivated to do anything when you have the opportunity to snuggle with a sleeping baby.
LOOK at that face!! I love it.
I'm getting a lot better at darts. I was even able to beat Kendrick once this month. He is so freaking good at everything he tries and it frustrates me beyond belief. My goal in life is to be better than him at something.
Our last day sleeping in. I was sad.
Love my Sunday cuddles with this guy.
These two make the neighborhood feel safe
We spent our last day of summer vacation swimming with Carissa and getting Slurpees.
Jack said to me, "For some reason I can't hear good when I have my goggles on..."
We went swimming, I let Myles style my hair-this was the result.
This is the BEST brand of gluten free pasta we have found.
Nothing like looking through your texts and seeing a text TO your husband with a picture of yourself that you didn't take or even know was being taken...kinda creepy.
Bike washing. Haven't done this in awhile.
I LOVE this stinky face more than words can say.
Dex and Easton at Macey's
Taylor at her dad's baseball game
This is out of order. It goes up by the picture of the kids swimming.
This picture is also out of order. Guess who took it? And normally I wouldn't post a pic of my rear on the blog but here's the thing: these are Brooke's pants. Skinny, perfect, want to look like her when I grow up the fact that these pants fit me is sort of remarkable. It only took 2 years!
Tay and her Zoobooks Birthday loot from Silly Grandma
The man I married
I let the kids stay up to see who Desiree chose. Yes, they were emotionally invested in her love life, just like their mother.
Again, this goes up with the other Carissa swimming pictures.
Kendrick and I went to Temple Square to see his cousin be married. It was hotter than #*$@ and we spent most of our outside time in the shade sweating to death.
After the wedding we went to Kneaders
Out of order, but who really cares?