June 9, 2013

The First Annual Buttinez Extravaganza-part 1

The Butler family is one of our favorite families to hang out with. They are so down to earth and fun. But we rarely hang out with them because they are also some of the busiest people we have ever met-it seems they spend most of their free time in California when they aren't jetting off to exotic locations for Carrie's wedding shoots. We count ourselves lucky if we see them even a handful of times in the course of a year, so you can imagine my shock when Carrie texted me 2 weeks ago and asked if we were available to go camping this weekend. I was shocked for two reasons: a) the Butler's never make plans with us that far in advance and b) Carrie is a self proclaimed hater of all things that have to do with camping.

We have only camped with 3 other families, and this was the first time we went with friends that have kids our kids ages. Paige and Mia fit in perfectly with our crew and it was so nice to have kids for our kids to play with. The weather was perfect during the day and bone chilling at night, this was probably the first camping trip we've taken in years where I haven't come home sunburned. We decided that we need to make camping with the Butlers a yearly tradition and we need to put a name on it. So while communicating via walkie talkies on the way up to Tea Pot Lake, Kendrick and Mike came up with "Buttinez Extravaganza" as the name of our yearly camping trips. At Tea Pot Lake we did a teensy bit of fishing and A LOT of snacking, then we headed back to camp and relaxed, did some exploring and played in the river. This was one of the easier camping trips we have ever pulled off and I contribute that to Mike being an on the ball, ultra prepared camper, and Carrie being willing to traipse through the woods with 6 kids while we set up and broke down camp.

I did take my camera, but Carrie gave Paige her "old" camera, which is 10 times nicer than my nice camera could ever hope to be, so I left most of the picture taking up to Paige. I have a feeling she got some classic shots because her mama is teaching her well. But until I get access to her pictures, here are the "few" I took...

You should know better than to believe that I only took a few.

Paige and Tay get along better and better the older they get. Paige is one of the smartest 8 year olds I know and she brought this microscope kit for her and Tay to look at samples through.
Myles being a geek
Before we were tired, covered in dirt, hot and smelly
Look at Easton watching Kendrick so intently. My kids will grow up to be soda addicts because their mother deprives them of it and their father makes it look so appealing.
The Provo river
Paige's fantastic photography skills in action
Mia and Tay on the first night
Kendrick writes my name in whatever he can find when we go camping. Now that's love.
Jack, Carrie and Easton
On our way back from fishing at Tea Pot Lake we stopped at the fairy forest. It is an oddly interesting place where random people have left painted rocks just in the middle of the forest. The kids got such a kick out of it-Easton was begging to have his picture taken in front of all his favorite rocks.
Easton and I
Gotta love the Martinez rock laying right by Kendrick's favorite superhero logo
A rock town
Easton found a group of Veggie Tales rocks and was in HEAVEN. He is so into Veggie Tales right now.
Tay taking out her aggression by throwing small boulders into the river.
I think Easton had more fun than anyone could ever hope to have on a camping trip. He was so sad to come home.
Carrie doesn't do well with sitting around. So she got us off our butts and out to the river to play in the water. She LITERALLY saved our kids from being bored on this trip.
Carrie and the kids building a dam
Mia's rock fort
I don't see how he could fall asleep in a camping chair, under the hot sun, next to a campfire, with a bunch of noise going on around him. It's a skill I wish I had.
A Mia Sandwich
That's it-we are buying a hammock. These hammocks that the Butler's brought provided hours of entertainment.
The kids all bundled up. The nights were colder than I anticipated and so we all slept kind of crappy. But we still had a great time!
Paige was such a diligent photographer. I can't wait to see the shots she got.
Even us moms enjoyed the hammock...for 30 whole seconds before we were dog piled by kids. My kids LOVE Carrie and couldn't leave her alone.
Cute Paige and Mia having a photo war
Easton having second thoughts about being in the picture with us. 

Mike and Carrie