March 30, 2013

Hogle Zoo-oh how I missed you!

Over Spring Break my mom offered to take my kids to a movie. I was all about that. I love movies. But the day she was going to take us she texted me and asked if, instead, my kids would rather go to the zoo. We gave them the choice: movie or zoo. They chose the zoo. I''m not surprised: We LOVE the zoo! If you ever followed our old blog, you already know this. I probably did 15 posts about us going to the zoo.
Unfortunately, we haven't been to the zoo in a little over a year.
We kept hearing about how awesome the new Rocky Shores exhibit is but we weren't able to get up there to see it. It is awesome! I loved the otters, they were so fun to watch. And the sea lion pool reminded me of the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut. The polar bear has been getting a lot of hype and I wasn't as impressed with him; but that might be because he was playing hide and seek with the crowd so we didn't get to watch him for long.
The weather was perfect for a trip to the zoo and most of the animals seemed to be diggin the sunshine because they were a lot more active than I remember them being the last time we were there. I didn't love that so much of the zoo is under construction. It will be cool when it is all done next year but until then, I will miss the train and the playground and all the little critter exhibits that are blocked off.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU mom for buying a us a zoo pass. We are so excited to use it!!