April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

Our Spring Break was the last week of March. Yes, I agree-that is a weird, too cold, not springy enough time to have Spring Break. We couldn't go anywhere while the kids were out of school because Kendrick didn't have any vacation time saved yet and I still had Dex, so we decided to just do a one night "stay cation" and on Saturday we took the kids downtown. Kendrick worked it out so that we were able to go visit his friend Alan, who is a fire captain, at his fire station. For those of you who don't know, Easton is OBSESSED with firemen and firetrucks. He wants to be a fireman when he grows up and one of his favorite shows is Fireman Sam. So on Saturday morning we were able to go to Alan's station and get the VIP treatment. The firefighters cooked us breakfast, they gave us the grand tour, we got to ride in the firetruck with the sirens on, we got tons of pictures, the kids got a bunch of loot (hats, stickers, pencils, badges) and we got to hold and play with some of the firemen tools. I was shocked when their first item of business was piling us all in the truck and taking us for a ride! It was a lot of fun and we are super grateful to Alan for going all out and making us feel so welcome!


After the fire station we headed downtown where we checked into The Little America and took the train to City Creek. The kids and I had never been to City Creek, so it was fun to window shop and see the fountains and the fish. What a cool place! If I lived closer to downtown I would spend a lot of time AND money there, I'm sure. We also walked around Temple Square, and visited the Church History Museum and the Church Visitors center. Then we had lunch at The Red Iguana. We didn't have to wait more than 10 minutes to get a table and then we were able to eat in the back of the restaurant and had the room to ourselves for most of our meal. It was wonderful and so delicious! I ordered a naked veggie chimichanga and while it didn't have any cheese or sour cream on it, I am pretty sure it wasn't even close to being Vegan- because refried beans that taste THAT good are almost always made with lard.



After gorging ourselves on so much yummy food we headed to the pool to burn off some calories. Unfortunately, Jack had a cough so we didn't let him swim. Instead, him and I cuddled in a lounge chair next to the pool  and watched Kendrick and the other kids swim. I felt bad for Jack but he was miserable most of Saturday because of his hacking cough and I really think swimming would have made it worse. Then on Sunday, he woke up with no cough and he looked a lot better so I am grateful that we stayed strong and kept him out of the pool. Plus, the pool wasn't nearly as entertaining as this was:

Kendrick had us all laughing our butts off with the dance moves he'd pull while being slammed in the mirror. The kids thought it was hilarious, so naturally we all had to have a turn being goof balls. When we were done playing in the closet mirror, we checked out of our hotel and hit The Hogle Zoo again. After being there on Thursday we were excited to show Kendrick the polar bear and otters so we took advantage of our pass and took him to see those animals. And we were not dissapointed. Check out this video Kendrick took of the Polar Bear:


After staying at the Zoo just long enough to see our favorite animals we headed home to dig into our Easter baskets. The kids scored a lot of loot and had a lovely afternoon stuffing their faces with candy.


That evening we headed to my parent's house and had an Easter egg hunt and a yummy dinner. By the time we got home that night we were all over stuffed and over tired and we slept like babies. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning.


But we had a really fun weekend and I'm grateful that we were able to pack so many activities into such a small amount of time!