March 25, 2013

March Randoms are early

I have not been feeling this blogging thing lately. I just don't have a lot to say. And the lack of an audience gives me more excuses not to blog. Honestly, not that much is new around here. We are still just doing the same thing day in and day out and are waiting patiently for summer. I'm super excited for summer! I am excited to be outside! I'm excited for our 10 year anniversary and Eden and Bear Lake and FUN. and possibly the Dirty Dash again. I'm excited to see my little brother's new townhome, I'm excited to meet baby Oliver (Dexter's little bro)...there is so much to be excited about! What are you excited to have happen this summer?

I'm also excited for our lease to be up and for us to have the option to move in June/July. Where would we move, you ask? Ya know, I don't know. Kendrick is working in Utah county and LOVES it. He cannot say enough nice things about it. Which is huge, because for as long as I've known him he has been a happy valley hater.
 But there would be a few perks to us moving to Utah County:
-we could cut Kendrick's commute down to 1-15 miles rather than 29 EACH WAY, each day
-we could rent something newer/cleaner/nicer?
-we could start over. And most of you know how much I love starting over. I do. I thrive on it. I thrive on change and mixing things up and redecorating and meeting new people and packing and cleaning...I could go on but I'll stop.
 - I could start wearing WAY too much make up, fluff my hair up to high heaven and go into debt trying to dress like a Downeast model...
But there seem to be more perks to staying here:
-I LOVE my kid's school
-we are adjusted to the ward and comfortable with our callings
-all our doctors are here
-grandma and grandpa (aka our babysitters) are here
-we are so close to so much. I can literally jog to Fort Union.
-we hit the landlord jackpot here

We'll see what happens. It will all depend on how work is going and what kind of rentals become available in June. I have a love/hate relationship with this house and part of me would love to walk away from it. But part of me knows that Heavenly Father is probably going to make me stay here until I choke down my humble pie and learn to be grateful for what I have.

I started Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred because I had heard/read so much good stuff about it that I felt like the last person left on the internet who hadn't tried it. So far it's great! The first 3 days I was so sore that it hurt to move. But by Sunday (my rest day) I was feeling good. Today is day 4 and I could have gone for 20 minutes longer. I'm starting to wonder if I will actually see results after only 30 days of 20 minute workouts...
I hope I can, because I am sure diggin not being on the treadmill for an hour each day. Have any of you tried JM30DS? If so, what did you think of it? I took "before" pictures of my front, side and back... so if I actually see any difference in my "after" pictures, I'll post them;) There, I just gave you something to be excited about. You are welcome.

I am also eating Vegan now. I love it. It started with me just giving up cheese to help my skin clear up and then that felt so good that I decided to eliminate all other dairy too. No more animal: milk, butter, eggs, cheese or ice cream for this girl. Instead it's soy/almond/coconut milk, vegan earth balance "butter", egg less baking, nutritional yeast and vegan ice cream for me. Call me a nut all you want. I feel so good. I feel clean and healthy and I recently had my first physical since...grade school and it was confirmed that I am indeed extremely healthy. I am medication free, have excellent blood pressure, healthy lungs, a normal heart rate, normal womanly functions, decent teeth and a good BMI. Yay for eating healthy!!

We are taking the kids on a fun little Easter "getaway" downtown this weekend and I'm excited. We are visitng a firestation and staying in a hotel and swimming...
I'll be sure to post all about it.

Kendrick's older sister, Natalie is in the ICU in New Zealand (where she lives with her new husband and daughters). She had some kidney stones that led to other issues that led to her being put on a ventilator. If you are the praying type, please pray for her. We love her so much and it is very hard to know that she's in a different part of the world, suffering, and we can't do anything to help her except have faith and pray.

The weather here has ADHD and I hate it. We got all the way up to 74 one day and then this past week we experienced highs of only 37. I don't know why mother nature is so temperamental in Utah but it is exhausting to try to keep up with her and predict what she will do next.

I may make this blog unprivate for like a week. Just to live on the edge;) I'm pretty sure all my haters/stalkers have forgotten about me so it should be safe...
but then again, I really just like knowing WHO is reading and how often. I like to be in control, if you can't tell.

Anyway, hope you are having a happy Spring! Here are March's Randoms:

Our poor dog is sometimes treated like the younger, picked on sibling. The thing is, she takes it so well that you almost can't blame the kids for tormenting her like this.
We have a cute couple in our ward who just had their first baby. The mom is trying to finish online school while the dad works full time. Meanwhile, this little miss sometimes refuses to eat and sleep. So I offered to take her for a few hours on my "off" days so her mom can chill/study/sleep/whatever. She is a dreamboat. And there is something about the color pink and baby girl skinny jeans that almost makes me forget how hard girls grow up to be. Having her in our house for a few hours each week helps to alleviate my chronic irrational baby hunger. Unfortunately, all it does for the twins is makes them MORE baby hungry:

Speaking of babies, here is mine falling out of his bed after he put himself to bed early, and fully clothed because he hated what I made for dinner.

And my baby  is learning to write his name:( I know, finally right?

This is Dex after dumping a bowl of rice all over his tray. After he dumped it, he decided he was going to flee the scene of the crime and in the process he got his head stuck. Being the stellar babysitter that I am, I took a picture of him before I offered to help him;)

These two will be married. Mark my words Kim McCann, it WILL happen;)

My toothless wonders are droppin' teeth like flies. This was right after Myles pulled out his top tooth and a day after Jack pulled out his bottom tooth.

We like it when the Dexican wakes up happy

We don't love it when he decides to poop on our laundry though...
Have I mentioned how great Dex's parents are? Every week they put my money in a signed card. But recently Tristian had the brilliant idea to leave the card blank (so I can re use it) and instead leave a "cute something" inside with the money. My first "cute something" was a Superwoman logo that I want to have made into a badge. I loved it so much I had Easton drop his pb and j and take a picture of it:)