December 10, 2012

"I swallowed it!!"

Jack lost his tooth on Saturday. He finally got so sick of it hanging by a...whatever it was hanging on by, that he finally asked Kendrick to pull it out. Here he is one last time with his big baby tooth grin...

And here he is getting it pulled out...

Look at Myles...I swear it was more painful for him to watch then it was for Jack to get it pulled!

Oops! He swallowed it!

The poor guy was not happy:(

Just a quick double check to make sure it did indeed fall into his stomach.
Kendrick takes the blame since he had Jack look up. Jack looking up made it so that when the tooth fell out, it fell on his tongue. We tried to reassure Jack that it was okay and that the tooth fairy would STILL bring him money, but Jack was pretty upset. Then, after he calmed down and got over the fact that we all spent a good amount of time comparing him to dogs and other animals that swallow their baby teeth (we are a real supportive group, we are)  the jokes and "what if's?" began:

What if you grow a mouth in your stomach? 
What if the tooth bites your butt on the way out? 
What if it stays in there and you feel it swimming in your belly? 
What if we find it on an X-ray someday?
No lunch for Jack because he already ate his tooth...
Maybe that tooth is making you fart?
What if the tooth fairy has to crawl down your throat to find it and she gets stuck?
Guess the tooth fairy will have to to leave your money in the toilet...since that's where she'll find your tooth!

Poor Jack. I can't help but feel bad for him, if only because he already believes that he is the most picked on of all our kids. Of course this would have to happen to him!