December 1, 2012

Family Portraits 2012

I love love love getting our family portraits done every year. I start looking forward to it at the very beginning of fall. But I guess since we had an Indian summer this year I didn't even think about it until October. Then, because we were going to have my cute sister in law take them, it didn't work for us to have them done until Thanksgiving. Having them taken on Thanksgiving this year was a good reminder as to why I never schedule our pictures for later than October-because it's too darn cold!! It was slightly miserable. Easton's nose was running a river and Tay couldn't stand straight or keep her shoulders square because she was constantly shaking and hunched over trying to stay warm. We took the dog with us this year and I think her and I were the only ones that held it together and managed not to complain too much about the temperature. But Kendrick, my little brother and the kids were all babies about it. Luckily the sun was shining, so between shots we would go stand in the sun and try to warm up. Despite the cold, I think the pictures turned out darling. We love them. Thank you Tiana for braving the bitter wind to take these for us!!