December 2, 2012

November phone pics

We had such a wonderful November. It flew by for us! We were able to do a lot of fun things as a family last month: we saw Hotel Transylvania, went to a play, celebrated Kendrick's 35th Birthday, had a fantastic Thanksgiving, visited the Children's Museum, got to meet Baby Savannah for the first time, saw our cute cousin Nina be baptized, had a fun evening with Matt & Sym, attended some really good parent teacher conferences, Kendrick and I finally got to go on a date, we opened a ton of fun packages (including new Christmas Sunday clothes) from Silly Grandma, Dex started officially crawling and walking along furniture, and the kids and Kendrick had a fun FHE at the Espinoza's house.

Here are our favorite phone pics that we took during November...

Hard at work on mama's phone and computer!
Taylor's new Sunday Christmas dress and coat
Smiling because his stock is up;)
My future missionaries
Taylor building with her new Lego friends set from Silly Grandma
Nick, Alisiah, Tay and Tiff (who looks oh so thrilled that she volunteered to host FHE)
The bunny ears game?
Kendrick's new look. It lasted a week before I begged him to fix it.
Being naughty and playing with the phone during church!!
Carson's freaked out face
Dex got to be a big boy and ride in Easton's car seat one day when it was too windy to walk the boys to school.
Such a handsome kid
Jack and I at Hillcrest's production of The Will Rogers Follies
Too tired to make it the extra 2 feet to his bed so he cuddled up next to his dad's stinky shoe!
Saying hi to his mama!
Again, too tired to even make it to his room so he fell asleep on his brother 's dirty clothes pile outside the bathroom.

Jack showing off his sign language skills. (The cute girl in the pink next to him is Myles' first crush. Her name is Delilah and she kills me with her head full of curls and her little Latino attitude!)
Myles looking like one cool cat as he shows off his sign language skills.
The twins got a Hogwarts Lego set from Silly Grandma!
Catching up on the latest edition of Lego Magazine
Jack is by far Dex's biggest fan.
This kid loves to get his face squished-which is perfect for us since he is so squishable and kissable:)
The boys playing nicely. Had to have proof that it can happen.
Easton as a "monsta"
Our happy little friend and the amount of toys my kids feel he needs at one time.