May 27, 2015

St. Geezy

Over Memorial Day weekend we had the opportunity to go to St. George with our neighbors. Their oldest daughter (Amelia) and her husband (James) moved there in February and since we are all in love with sunshine, we decided to take a weekend off and drive down to see them. 

Amelia and James live just 5 minutes from the entrance to Snow Canyon so we went hiking every day. I was in heaven! And the men played a round of golf on Saturday, so Kendrick was in Heaven. We also went to a movie, out for Mexican food, swam, played an intense round of Scattergories and then Five Crowns, gorged on homemade caramel corn, hunted for frogs, and slept in. It was a great weekend of no chores, no soccer, no obligations-just relaxing and hanging with friends.

We had to empty the fridge before we left. Their contribution was emptying the 2 half empty Coke liters. 

These two and their Coke addiction, I swear.
Frog Hunting


Kendrick, Dean and James
Hiking the petrogliphs
Makelle and Tay
Myles and I
Shelly and Tiffany
Jack, Tay, Me, Easton, Myles
Our BIG kids and myself

Tiff and I
Jack, Tay, Makelle and E

Ame and James


These two are the best hikers. They always stay at the front of the pack, don't complain and can keep up with my long stride. The 3 of us topped the mountain first!


Tim and Easton
Easton's lizard that Tim helped him catch just 10 minutes before we left. He named him speedy and let him go in Ame's backyard.

You know you've had a good trip when all 4 kids look like this 10 minutes into the drive home...