May 11, 2014

Red Day

Kendrick has an awesome job! Not just because he gets paid to take clients out to breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a movie, or golfing or shooting. And not because he gets to participate in property tours and UCAR bowling tournaments or help put on giant Thanksgiving feasts. He has an awesome job because he gets paid to help people. He has participated in some really cool events this year. I wish I had some pictures from when he spent the morning at the Make A Wish Foundation...just hearing him talk about that was cool. 

Luckily, I have pictures from his latest service project...

Keller William's Red Day
I'd say that Kendrick spends a great deal of his week in the Keller William's Orem office. A lot of his clients are based out of that office. So I was not surprised to hear that he was invited to participate in their Annual Service project. I was a little surprised however, at what they chose to do...
 Sunset View Elementary in Provo is scheduled to shut down in a few years. So it's school district has cut off all funding to that school. It is a low income school. Something like nearly 80% of the students are on a free lunch program and their library's newest book was 15 years old. So Keller William's decided to makeover the library, and get a bunch of book donations and offer the kids an open house in their new library where they could get a donut, and a balloon and have their face painted. I am so glad Kendrick got all these pictures and even a video! 

Kendrick and our good friend, Matt Clark who is the Manager at the Orem Lowe's and was able to hook Keller Williams up with some Valspar paint.
Other sponsors.
Before: blank walls
and they had to build this castle looking entry way...just wait. It's going to be awesome.
Bryant Arnold. Kendrick's current man crush.
Jose. He used to be one of Kendrick's escrow assistants but recently started his own company.
Aaron Arrington. A real estate agent at Keller Williams and one of Kendrick's buddies.

Kendrick's office manager, Janet
Janet and one of Kendrick's escrow officers, Becky.

I like to give Kendrick grief because while I am at home without a car, worrying about homework and laundry and trying to find ways to entertain our 4 year old-he goes to work and does some pretty fun stuff. I couldn't give him a hard time about this though. This service project looked amazing and I am so proud of him for being a part of it!!