January 10, 2014

Yesterday, instead of homework...

We went sledding!

Here's the thing: Utah winters are kind of crummy. Along the Wasatch front we get a thick and disgusting inversion to deal with for like 3 months out of the year. It is so bad, and I am so paranoid about it, that I will not let my kids play outside when the inversion is thick. So during all of Christmas break my kids were stuck inside. All they wanted to do was go sledding and come home and have hot chocolate while they were out of school and every day during Christmas break we woke up to poor air quality. I promised them that as soon as another storm came through to clean out the air, we would go sledding. When I said that though I was hoping that the storm would come on a weekend. Naturally it had to come in the middle of a school week. I made an executive decision last night and put homework on hold so that we could all go sledding. We didn't have much daylight left so we had to just go over to the school (I feel like it's a crime that we live minutes from Flat Iron and have never once gone sledding there...) but the kids still had a blast. And so did Kendrick and I! We even white trashed it up and blew up one of our WATER tubes to use as a snow tube...

Myles and I
Tay and I
Snow tube, water tube-they both work the same basically!
All the kids
Tay attempting to use a sled as a snowboard 

Tay built her own little Olaf (See the movie, Frozen)

I love this picture because Easton is completely enamored with Tay's snow man. Easton even exclaimed later that night, "I miss our Olaf!"
I am hating winter less and less the older I get. I still prefer summer. And I would still LOVE to live at the beach someday. But winter brings with it cute boots and leggings and lot's of soup and warm quilts. Winter can actually be very picturesque and romantic. I even commented to Kendrick that if Utah is the place where we end up living forever, I want to live in the mountains. I would love to have a home in Park City or Heber. I would love to have a mountain right in my backyard. I would love to HAVE to have 4 wheel drive and a huge collection of boots. I would love to have a wood burning fireplace and have to go out and collect wood each evening (like we did when I was a nanny in CT). So far January is being very good to us!