October 3, 2013

School Pics

Oh, these kids! They are growing up too fast. It kills me that I have 3 big kids in my house. And most days I don't think about how old they are getting until I look back at pictures from even just a year ago. They are changing so much with each passing year. I am loving the stage they are in now (minus the homework routine each night). They are pretty self sufficient and they get along great with each other. They are old enough to joke around with and they are responsible enough to help me out around the house. They are some cool cats, these kids. I made copies of their school pics from the Lifetouch website. I figure that has to have a touch more class than taking pictures of their pictures with my cell phone does. I need to remember to do this every year. It will be fun to have a reference to look back on to see how they changed in their school pictures each year...

9 years old
4th Grade
Favorite color-sky blue
Interests- drama (the acting sort), fashion.and animals
Best friends- Haleigh and Aubree
Can often be found in front of a mirror applying lip gloss or on the floor cuddling her new dog, Cha Cha. She also LOVES to be crafty and create things.

7 years old
1st Grade
Favorite Color- Blue
Interests- video games, Legos, reading
Best friends-Myles, Samuel and Riley
Can often be found helping others. He is very concerned about others, what they are doing, how they are feeling and how HE can help them. He will probably be my first child to show interest in babysitting for money. Jack loves little kids and babies and they love him.

7 years old
1st Grade
Favorite color- Black
Interests- Legos, his dogs, and puzzles
Best friends- Jack, Karlee and Riley
Can often be found teasing someone. He is a goofball and likes to entertain. He loves to play outside and shows interest in just about every sport.