August 13, 2013

A ridiculous amount of pictures for one weekend

Over the first weekend in August we went camping with some friends. There were 4 families all together and 3 of us were picture taking fools, this post is the result of our combined efforts...

I am so glad we were able to squeeze Bear Lake in again this summer. I was almost afraid that it wouldn't happen. Bear Lake is one of my happiest places on earth so once I hit that beach I am one big beach baby and my spirits automatically lift. It was nice to once again go camping with people who have kids our kids' ages. And it was fun to have a baby and a photographer (and some self proclaimed comedians) in the mix on this trip. We played beach golf, swam, played in the sand, consumed too many calories, told a lot of jokes, played darts, roasted a variety of sugary treats, picked up some scratch and win cards, and spent an arm and a leg eating dinner at a shake shack (but it was well worth it). All in all it was an awesome weekend and we couldn't have asked for better company. Heidi, Jenn and Kandi can we PLEASE make this a yearly tradition? We had such a good time with you guys!

Here are Heidi's and my beach pictures from the first day:

The campground we were hoping to go to was full so we had to drive back down Logan Canyon to find a spot. Then we had to drive back down to Logan to get cell service to let everyone know where we had found a spot. It was A LOT of driving and finally these little bladders couldn't take it anymore...
This little one looks like he's having a panic attack over the lack of decent camping spots.
Where we ended up camping-I wouldn't recommend it.
The big kids love being in the back by themselves-they get pretty crazy back there.
On our way to the beach on Saturday we stopped in Idaho to get some more ice and Kendrick bought a $1 scratch and win card. He won $2 on it. He was so excited!! This is his winning ticket.
He was one happy camper with his big winnings;)
Haleigh and Myles
Trevor and Matt
Tay and Becca
This cute boy was so happy and at home in the sand. He is so content when you put him on a beach.
The kids buried me in the sand and it was heaven!
Easton's bum
Jenn and Quinn brought something called Birdie Ball-which is basically beach golf. It was a lot of fun and Kendrick and Matt probably could have sat out there and played it all day long.
The girls having some girl time in the water
Please disregard my very white midsection
Our brown beauty
Don't know who this is
Myles, Matt and Heidi
A twin
The other twin-I promise.
A chip that's almost as big as her face-it's the little things that get us excited!
Ready for some snorkeling
Baby Vivien and her deliciously chubby thighs! Oh, I love baby cellulite.
Our little Florida babies playing on the beach
Easton wanted a turn to have his legs buried
Look at those lazy bums! They played in those tubes all the live long day and loved it.
I love this picture of Easton and I
We decided to write "Bear Lake 2013" in the sand and take a group picture behind it. Heidi and I made the task a lot harder than it needed to be so Kendrick took over. Once he did, he had a lot of helpers and opinions being thrown at him. 
The next day everyone else packed up and went home. Not us. Oh no, we do not go to Bear Lake and only go to the beach for one day! We spent all day Sunday loungin' on the warm sand, tossing the football and playing in the water. By the time we were ready to pack it up we were starving and hit Hometown Drive In for some shakes and food. I had the yummiest onion rings I've ever had and the rest of the family enjoyed burgers, corn dogs and fries. We don't do the whole raspberry thing when we get shakes at Bear Lake. We are all about the chocolate candy bar shakes. And each time I go to a Bear Lake shake shack I tell myself I will order one, and each time I can't bring myself to do it. My poor kids have never tasted a "famous" Bear Lake raspberry shake! We also redeemed Kendrick's scratch and win ticket on our way back from the beach and Kendrick was able to win 4 more dollars!

Don't know why this picture is so grainy but the twins played in that darn tube for an HOUR by themselves

Kendrick and Easton working on the mote around their sand castle

Easton's happy dance as he eats Apple Jacks for lunch

The twins working on their castle

The big kids and I


E bunk and I. There is so much wrong with this picture: First is that my boy is playing dead. Second, could my thighs be any whiter?
K and his winning tickets

I didn't have as much luck

Passed out tired kiddos. Playing on the beach can be exhausting!

Yay for Snickers, Butterfinger and Brownie shakes!

Yay for a caramel shake!

love my brown family

This was while we were waiting in the line to use the bathroom-apparently some raspberry day patrons partied too hard and ended up getting sick in the bathroom. The poor girl in front of us was really struggling in there:(

And here are the pictures Jenn took. These amaze me. If I could take every vacation with a photographer, I would be so happy! Can you believe how lucky I am to have these? Want to come with us everywhere we go Jenn?;)

There are more pictures from that Saturday at the beach but I haven't gotten them back from Jenn yet. I will post them when I do though. I am so excited to see them!!