June 5, 2013

The twins first field trip

On Monday I was able to go on the twins' Kindergarten field trip with them. It was at the zoo. Why, oh why do I love that place so much? Seriously, even with a zoo membership and going there every month, I never get sick of it. Even with the train currently shut down and the playground closed, I still love spending the day at the zoo. I think there might be something wrong with me. Is it normal for an adult to love the zoo that much?
I had a mild case of anxiety leading up to this field trip (okay, I have it all the time but more so around the time of this field trip) because the memory of the last field trip I went on was still so fresh in my brain. But I should have known that my boys would make it fun. They were awesome! They are still young enough that they think their mom is the coolest and they don't get embarrassed by the things I say and do. Their teacher and all the mom helpers love them so it was fun for me to go and have everyone tell me how great my boys are and how much everyone enjoys having them around-I feel the same way about them. I dread the day when they grow up and stop liking me as much:(
 Our field trip group was comprised of my boys, Cecily and a girl named Kailana who didn't come to school that day. The teacher warned me ahead of time that my boys hand picked Cecily and Kailana to be in their group. Apparently no one else gave a hoot who was in their group but Jack and Myles put in a request a few weeks ago to have those girls. I got such a kick out of that. They are quite the little ladies men. Cecily's family met us up at the zoo and her mom told me how Cecily and her best friend had a falling out over Jack and Myles earlier this year. Remember Deliliah? That cute little Latin looking girl that was in love with the twins? Well it appears that she didn't appreciate the competition of Cecily wanting to play with the twins too so she real life defriended Cecily. Apparently it was a BIG deal and created weeks of drama at school over the winter, yetI never heard a thing about it until that day. I think Jack and Myles may be oblivious to the fact that they have that effect on the ladies...

On the bus Myles commented that he thought the inside of the bus would be yellow. I could tell he was bummed. The bus really never lives up to my kid's expectations.

Cecily and her little brother Ollie. He was so cute, I wanted to eat him up. He made me wish I could have another boy and name him Ollie, and then I remembered, I WILL have a little boy named Ollie! Tristian is due any day now and her baby's name will be Ollie.

I LOVED the boys shirts. Jack's said, "I can rit" meaning "write" and Myles said "I can rim" meaning rhyme. I don't know if you can tell from this picture but they both drew pictures of themselves with one girl. And they made sure to include their spikey hair!

This was the first time we got to see the bears be up and about! They were fun to watch.

Cecily, Myles, Jack and Avea. Poor Avea kept trying to join our group and Jack kept freaking out saying, "She needs to stay with her group! Her mom helper is going to get worried!"

This picture makes me laugh because Jack and Cecily look like they are little teeny boppers posing for a dance picture... I love how they are leaned into each other. Cecily kept making me laugh because she claims to be in love with Myles yet she kept getting the two boys confused so she spent most of the day clinging to Jack. My boys were more than happy to share her, I just felt bad that she couldn't figure it out.

We had such a good time. I am so grateful that my mom kept Easton for the day so that I could go on this field trip. I really love going on field trips with my kids! After the field trip we came home so I could eat something and then rushed back to the school to watch Tay and her friends dance in the 3rd Grade talent show...