April 30, 2013

April Randoms

Yay for April being over! I normally really enjoy April, but this April was colder than normal and I don't dig having Easter and Spring Break in March. Those belong to April in my opinion. Without them, April seems kind of long and boring. Despite the drab weather and my bad attitude about it, I was able to get in a few fun pictures! Seems I'm out of my photo taking slump...

Dex having a grumpy afternoon. He wasn't in the mood for pants and he certainly wasn't in the mood to have his picture taken.
Playing at Jenn's house is so much fun!
We were able some to do community service at the kids' school the last weekend in April. Comcast Cares Day was a hue success and a fun opportunity to teach the kids about the importance of giving back.
Even Easton helped clean windows!
His Ron Swanson impersonation. If you haven't watched Parks and Rec-you are missing out!
My cute baby built me a castle cake
The boys wanted to invite their Grandma and Grandpa and Richard and T to their Kindergarten program, so we sent them all this picture. Easton is becoming quite the little photo bomber.
My cute friend, Elissa when 30 weeks pregnant. She's a tiny little thing with a basketball belly. I love it!
Yeah, we had to take more than one.
So Myles wanted his picture taken because he thought he looked like a "teenager". But look what's going on in the background: those two kind of steal the shot, don't they?

Easton gets kind of possessive about his room. We'll need to work on that.
 Kendrick was volunteered to MC at the Utah County Association of Realtors Bowling lunch. He really got into it.

 Dex is OBSESSED with wipes. Cleaning wipes, baby wipes, make up wipes, he isn't picky.

 Drinking a apple, carrot and celery juice. Or maybe this was a spinach juice. I can't remember...

Last week he had been here all of 5 minutes before he headed over to his booster and started squawking for food.