February 9, 2013

Young Love

When Taylor was in Kindergarten boys meant nothing to her. She was fully immersed in her friend drama and in learning her numbers and letters. So I was ill prepared when about a month ago the twins' conversations started to revolve around girls. I'm not ashamed to admit that I would totally eavesdrop on their conversations; "Delihah probably doesn't love you anymore because she sat by Ian and then PLAYED with him during free play..." 
"Don't tell Cecily that I have a crush on her." 
"Avea told me she loves me MORE than Lucas!"

Yeah, sure that's cute and slighlty amusing to hear. But now it's to the next level. A level I am so not ready for. Myles came home the other day and informed me that him and Avea are "in love" and started to list the reasons why:

"She likes my hair"
"We like to play the same thing at Free Play"
"Her spot on the square rug is my OLD spot"
"She gave me a snowflake"

Now while those are totally legit reasons to love someone when you are in Kindergarten. I am still a little bit weirded out. I've heard stories about how aggressive girls today are, but I didn't believe it until last week. I don't know what these girls are reading or watching on TV or who they are listening to, but they need to straight up tone it down a notch! Both Jack and Myles came home with a different girl's phone number this week. And Jack came home with a snowflake that had "Will you go out with me?" written on it on the same day that Myles came home with this picture from his newest love, (I'm sad that Delilah got the boot) Avea:

It's a picture of a girl and a boy and the top of it says, Love. Avea asked him to please "hang it on his fridge"
Is this normal behavior for Kindergarten? Tay STILL doesn't talk about boys with me. I know boys like her because I've been to her class and have seen the way boys look at her and how they try to get her attention, and I know she likes boys because I've heard the way she gushes about them to her friends. But I would DIE if I found out that she was giving boys notes that had her phone number on them or was giving them notes that said, "Will you go out with me?"

It's all too soon! I am simply not ready for any of this relationship drama.