January 1, 2013

December Randoms

December was just awesome! Not too long, not too short. Full of fun experiences. Christmas was nice. Kendrick and I had lots of quality time together. Blessings poured in like crazy...
I would do this December again. Except I am really just excited to get on with January. I'm excited for 2013. I don't even mind that the first 3 months of the year are typically crap and full of dreary days and dreams of vacations that we can't afford. I'm just excited for the small moments of awesome that those dreary days might hold!

Here are some of our random December phone pics...

Kendrick and Tay at our ward Christmas party
Erica and Carson making me melt with their cuddling
Easton on his "iphone" (an old Micheal Jackson cassette tape he found in the loft)
Taylor before the Christmas party, modeling her new coat.

How would ya like to see this face peeping through your windows!
Spying on us while we cleaned Tay's room.

Dex bundled up for one of our many morning walks
E bunk lookin' like a true thug in his "Hahwee Potta" glasses
Again, lookin' pretty hard core

Tay at Kendrick's work party

Easton being tortured on a sled

Jack made me a  Lego Christmas Tree cake
The boys were excited to sleep on this year's magic Christmas pillowcases from Grandma W

Easton was so excited to sleep on his pillowcase he didn't even take off his coat!

Dex sampling some Sam's Club cake
 Easton fast asleep in a Sam's Club box after a long day of after Christmas shopping

 Myles built me a snowman out of Legos

Taylor and Dex

 Easton fast asleep in the shopping cart while we last minute shopped on Christmas Eve

 Being NAUGHTY and crawling into and over the baskets I put up to barricade the tree!

 The kids in Taylor's zoo that Kendrick built her...maybe I shouldn't post this on a public blog where DCFS could see?

 Cute Dexter and Zoey having a cuddle

 Dex's fun punk rock hair. He is the kids' favorite groupie:)

 And because we were in a punk rock mood-Kendrick and Easton even gave their snowman some punk rock hair!