December 29, 2012

The band with no name

Our kids have started a band. Right now they play locally, just in our living room, and they are still new enough that they accept chocolate for most of their gigs. I would describe their music as young, wanna be punk rock cartoon jams. Their biggest hit thus far is a cover of the theme song to Fireman Sam.

They recently expanded their band from just 3 members, to 4. They now have a keyboard player.
Easton is the lead singer. He originally was a vacuum player but somewhere along the line discovered his passion for singing. He is temperamental and overly dramatic and loves to be the center of attention...basically your typical lead singer.
Jack is a guitarist. He is shy and on the quiet side. He doesn't like to over perform or outshine his band mates.
Myles is also a guitarist. He is a little more flamboyant as he likes to sport costumes when he performs. Taylor plays the keyboard. She gives the band's music a good tempo and is patiently waiting for the lead singer's inevitable downfall into pure selfishness and attention hogging so that she can take over as lead singer.

Even with as new as this band is, I still see big possibilities in their future. Now all they need is a name...

Here are the options:

The Dramatics

Mexican Firefighters

The Little Brother band

The Out-of-tuners

and lastly

Fart Machines

Can you guess which name the kids liked the best?

Here are the lyrics in case you have a hard time understanding them...

"Wee Ooo! Wee Ooo! When you hear that fire alarm: Sam is always cool and calm. Wee Ooo! Wee Ooo! Give him a shout! He'll be there to help you out. So...move aside, make way, Fireman Sam is ha da da blah save the day! Sam is the hero next dooor!"

In the second video, Easton forgot which song they were performing and started to perform, "I'm glad you came" by The Wanted before he remember that they were doing Fireman Sam.