December 17, 2012

H Party 2012

My mom's side of the family had it's annual Christmas party on the 15th. We weren't able to go to last year's party because of Kendrick's work party, so my kids were beyond excited to got to this years. It was super chill. We just had it at Matt & Sym's church and the kids all went nuts playing while the adults gabbed. For some reason I haven't been as camera happy as I normally am at these types of get togethers so I was a little surprised that I only had 20 pictures on my camera and not 120. Maybe I have gotten over taking pictures of every waking moment? If so, how boring will this blog get if I stop posting pictures? Don't answer that.

Richard and T

Nina and Tay


Gracie and Addie

Myles and Jack

Kendrick, Tag and Brigham playin' some ball

Myles and his candy house

Zoolander and Myself

Aunt Aimee and Gracie

Aunt Keri and T

Satchel showing off his "cartwheel" skills

Candy houses can entertain kids of ALL ages!

Jack and I