November 11, 2013

28 days of Gratitude Day 11

Day 11-

I am grateful for Kendrick's sister, Natalie. I am grateful for the example she is to everyone around her. I can honestly say, I have no memory of her ever talking bad about anyone. I think that is amazing. I love Natalie because I love the way Kendrick is around her. She brings out the very best in him. Even when he talks about her, he just has a different way about him. She gave us all a scare earlier this year, when she got sick and spent a view days in the ICU. It got me to thinking about how she too has had to "talk me down" when I've gotten worked up about things. Natalie is very level headed and could probably talk a cat out of a tree. I am amazed at how accepting she is. I have never felt judged by Natalie and I appreciate that. I admire how she has lived her life and overcome some pretty crappy experiences. I love you Nat!