February 4, 2013

By Invitation Only

Alright, it's been over a month, I think it's time to make this blog private. The older I get the less fond I am of blog stalkers. I really don't blog the way I used to. I am not blogging in hopes of gaining a huge following. So it makes me nervous when I start seeing frequent visits from URL's I don't recognize. At the end of the week this blog will be private. I already went back and made my old one private and copied all those email addresses, so if you were allowed to view my old blog, you will be allowed to view this one too and you don't need to worry about getting me your email address. And who knows, maybe this will make it so my posts are more entertaining since now I will know that I am blogging to a smaller group of people?  Kendrick's Uncle Jess and Aunt Linda are coming to town this week and the Dexican is now walking so maybe I'll find something blog worthy to write about and will even have some recent pictures to put up soon...stay tuned:)