December 24, 2012

Temple Lights 2012

On the 16th we were able to go downtown and see the Temple lights with Kendrick's sister's family. They were in town from Tennessee to see their oldest son, Paxton off on his mission. First of all, the fact that Paxton is going on a mission weirds me out. Not because he won't be a phenomenal missionary-because he will be. But because I'm not ready for him to be that old...

 When I met Paxton he was just 9 years old, Kendrick was his hero, he loved soccer and skateboarding, was constantly quoting Monsters Inc. and was in love with some Bon Jovi song that was constantly being played on the radio at the time. Now he's taller than Kendrick, is an awesome musician, has finished High School, has been through the Temple, and is headed to Santiago, Chile!! It's crazy to me.

My kids had such a blast hanging out with their older, cooler cousins as we walked around Temple Square. I just kept thinking that before I know it I will be me feeling what Ang must be feeling right now and will be getting ready to say goodbye to my boys as they leave on their missions. But I have to say, I think having a missionary leave just days before Christmas would be the pits. I'd be a mess if I were Ang right now. However, when Paxton comes home just days before Christmas, he will be giving her the BEST Christmas gift ever!! So I guess that makes up for all the heartache right now.

Paul and Tate were rock stars with the camera and took A TON of pictures. I was so impressed that I didn't even bother to pull my camera out. However, they are ridiculously small. I have no idea why...
We are glad we were able to spend some time with Paxton before he left. We love you Pax and know you will do wonderful things for the people in Chile!!