December 5, 2012

Pickin out our Papeh

There are some words that I no longer worry about my Boston boys getting correct. Paper is one of them. They know how to say their "r's" now but we have just been saying "papeh" for so long that why change? It's "papeh", "cah", and "girled cheese"-not grilled cheese for this family.

So we went and picked out our Christmas wrapping papeh to send to Santa last night. We were out and about anyway getting Tay's glassed fixed and giving Easton an opportunity to shop lift for the first time, so we figured we'd head over to the dollar store and check out their wrapping paper selection. For those of you who are new to our blog and the M family traditions: each year our kids pick out the wrapping paper that they would like their gifts to be wrapped in. Then we "send" it to Santa and he wraps their gifts in THEIR paper. It saves us money on gift tags and it's so fun for them to a) pick out their favorite wrapping paper and b) wake up and see it full of gifts on Christmas morning.

This year Tay went with a sophisticated 1987 throwback design of snowmen and cardinals. Gone are the days of Disney princesses and pink based paper for her:(
Jack chose a Rudolp design that features Rudolph, the dentist elf and the Abominable Snowman on it.
Myles chose a green based Sponge Bob Square Pants design.
And Easton chose a red based Toy Story design. 

And part of this tradition has always been getting our pics taken in front of the tree with our paper choices. This year, with Power Rangers/Star Wars constantly on their brains, our boys went with the more violent action poses for their pictures...

The following is an example of why I ran out of storage space on my last blog...

Yes, I just posted SIX pictures of my kids holding wrapping paper. That, my friends, is how I roll;)